Media Center

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 6:30am - 4:30pm 
Friday 6:30am - 2:30pm

Media Staff

Media Specialist 10-12 Building
Media Specialist 10-12 Building
Suzanna Whitetree
Media Specialist 10-12 Media Center
Suzanna Whitetree

Kathy Paul
Media Secretary 10-12 Building
Kathy Paul

Nick Hardin
Media Specialist Ninth Grade Center
Amy Forman
Media Secretary Ninth Grade Center

Camden County High School Media Center is open to students between 6:30 and 4:30 Monday & Thursday and 6:30 to 2:30 on Friday.

1. The media center is one in which students have access to resources, the facility, and the staff.

2. Students wishing to use the library during lunch, or during a class period, must secure a pass authorized by one of his/her teachers, unless the entire class is meeting in the media center. Passes are not required for use of the media center before school. Afterschool, students are permitted to enter the library without a pass until 2:40, after this time a pass is required.

3. Students must have a specific assignment to work on and will be sent back to class if they do not.

4. Students who are talking, playing and not on task will be removed from the Media Center.

5. No materials will be checked out to a student nor will passwords be reset without the school issued ID.


1. Students checking out more than 4 books at once must have special permission from a media specialist.

2. The general collection of materials may be checked out for 2 weeks, with the permission of renewal. Most reference books may be checked out overnight.

3. A fine of $.05 per day will be charged for overdue books from the general collection, with a $.25 per day fine for overdue reference books.

4. Students may use the media center printers for school-related printing.

5. Books checked out to a student become the sole responsibility of that student. A replacement charge will be made on lost or damaged books, and the student will not be allowed to check out any more books until this charge is paid.

6. Students with excessive fines and/or overdue books will be placed on a restricted patron list and not allowed to check out any books until fines are paid and overdue books are returned.

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