Welton Coffey

Welton Coffey
Athletic Director

Athletic Office Hours are Monday - Friday 
7 AM-4 PM
Phone Number: 912-729-7042

The Camden County Schools Athletic Offices are located in the Camden County High School Ninth Grade Center at 6300 Laurel Island Parkway. 

Reserve seat tickets for Varsity Football games are available at the Athletic Office. All other tickets may be purchased at the event. 

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Athletic Department Mission Statement

Camden County Athletic Department is committed to providing student‐ athletes with quality instruction within the classroom and on the various playing surfaces. 

Camden County Athletic Department believes that education and athletics work hand‐in‐hand in the total development of the student‐ athlete.

Camden County Athletic Department’s desire is that all sports will promote fair play, sportsmanship, respect, integrity, good work ethic and teamwork. 


One of the main priorities of the athletic department is to support the academic progress of our athletes. We must have a system in place to support student in season and out of season. We need to create a unified approach among all sports to academically monitor student athletes for academic progress and to set minimum standards within the athletic department so all student athletes will be treated the same from sport to sport. 


 ‐ To create a minimum academic standard among all student athletes.
 ‐ To improve academic performance among student athletes.
 ‐ To emphasize the importance of student 1st and athlete 2nd.
 ‐ To set standards in line with NCAA new 2.3 rule so student athletes are better prepared for college.
 ‐ To provide a cohesive approach to academic monitoring.