12122482_10205449400784572_4360242814516472243_n 12809574_10205449400024553_1603379429279191032_n 1919119_1686241188315415_7740678856384760708_n Boys Golf Region Winner 2016 1 Dee beam dismount IMG_4051 IMG_4239 leap school1
Chromebook Collection Information and Dates for 2016
Click on schedule for a printable version

Upcoming Meetings and Events

Second Semester Testing Calendar 2016



Camden County High School




WHEN: MONDAY, May 2nd, 2016 @ 3:30 P.M.

WHERE: C.C.H.S. Room A13


1.     Call to order Kim Tyre, Chairperson


2.     Inspiration Joanne Fry


3.     Pledge of Allegiance KimTyre, Chairperson


4.     Approval of Agenda


5.     Approval of Minutes


6.     Recognition of visitors


7.     Old Business


8.     New Business

EOCT  Scores 1st Semester


National Honors

Academic Honors Requirements


10.   Develop Agenda for Next Meeting

11.  Adjournment



All meetings of the C.C.H.S. School Council are open to the public.

If you have any questions contact John Tucker, Principal @ 729-7318.

Agenda - School Council - May 2016.pdf

Volleyball Meeting - Monday, May 2

Softball Tryouts - Monday, May 2 through Friday, May 6

Meeting for Students Interested in Joining Mock Trial Team - Tuesday, May 3

Senior Wills - Turn In Monday, April 25 to Tuesday, May 3

Attention Seniors! The time has come to compose your final Will and testament. Seniors wanting to submit Wills must do so Monday, April 25th  through Tuesday May 3rd in D-1 by 2:00pm. Listen Carefully: Your Will may not exceed 45 words. No initials or acronyms are permitted. Any Will that exceeds 45 words will not be printed.


Profanity or references to inappropriate activity will not be permitted, as well as anything not typed in English. Your signed signature is required at the bottom. Failure to follow any of these guidelines will result in your Will not being printed.


Your Will should start with I, and then state your name. This will not be counted in your 45 words.


Again, your 45 word Will must be typed and turned in to Ms. Sparks in D-1 by Tuesday, May 3rd at 2:00pm.

Dance Auditions in G4 - Wednesday, May 4

Express Line for Prom - NO WAITING for Entrance!!!!

2016 Prom Information - Saturday, May 7



DATE/TIME: Saturday, May 7 at the Edwin Davis Memorial Gymnasium from 8:00-12:00


DUES:     Juniors: $60. 

               Seniors: $80, unless dues were paid as a Junior, in which case there is no fee.


Juniors and Seniors will be able to pay their dues in the Wild Way store until Friday, April 15 without a late fee penalty.  If dues are not paid by this date, a $20 late fee will be assessed at the door.  Admittance at door will be $100 for seniors, $80 for juniors.


The $60 pays for your entrance to prom, professional picture package, food, favors, and music for both your junior and senior year.


GUESTS:  A Guest form must be approved by Dr. Loden before prom.  Guest forms are available in the Wild Way Store.  They are due to Dr. Loden by April 22.  After this time, no guest forms will be approved.


Juniors and Seniors who are bringing a guest to prom (who is not a CCHS freshman or sophomore) will be charged a guest fee of $60 ($30 for CCHS graduates).  All guest fees must be paid at the door.  These cannot be paid beforehand.   




DRESS CODE: Dress for prom is formal.  Gentlemen are expected to at least wear a coat and tie; ladies are required to wear appropriate attire.  There is a PowerPoint on the school website, as well as on the scrolling announcements that addresses dress code.  Please see Mrs. Sparks in D-1 or Mrs. Bennett in F-18 if you have any questions about the requirements.  Keep in mind, there will not be a holding area for purses, coats, etc. and you will not be allowed to re-enter prom once you leave.


ATTENDANCE CONCERNS:  Any student who misses more than five (5) days (excused and/or unexcused, including out-of-school suspensions) during a given semester will be ineligible for participation in any extracurricular activities held during the remainder of the semester in which the absences took place.


**Students must be present at school at least half a day (four hours) on the Friday before prom in order to be admitted.


FINES: All fines must be paid in order to attend prom.


TICKETS: In order to avoid long lines to enter prom, tickets will be scanned at the door. Tickets will be issued during all four lunches at an upcoming date (to be announced).  Attendance, fines, and dues payments will be checked and a ticket will be issued.  This ticket will be scanned along with your id when entering prom.




Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Meeting - Wednesday, May 11

Last Krispy Kreme Donut Sale of the Year! - Delivery Date Wednesday, May 11

CCHS Summer Camps 2016

 Diamond Skills Kid's Camp.pdf        Ages 5-9
      5/23 to 5/24
Little Wildcat Basketball Camp         Ages 8-18       5/23 to 5/25
Lady Wildcats Softball Youth Camp.pdf
       All Ability Levels
       5/24 to 5/26
Lady Wildcat Girls Basketball Camp         Ages 8-18       5/24 to 5/27
All-Star Youth Camp.pdf
       Ages 10-14
       5/25 to 5/26
Summer Volleyball Camp       Grades 3-12       5/26 to 5/28
Camden High Tennis Clinic - Beginning to Intermediate       Grades 2-12       5/25 to 5/27
Competitive Tennis Tennis Team Camp - Intermediate to Advanced      
      6/6 to 6/10
 CCHS NJROTC Markmanship Camp.pdf        Incoming 9th Graders Enrolled in NJROTC
      5/25 to 6/3

Summer 2016 CCHS Credit Redemption Registration Form

CR Registration Form Summer 2016.pdf


Program Dates: May 31 – July 15, 2016

Deadline to apply is June 2, 2016

All Credit Redemption courses will be taken using the online software program OdysseyWare. The High School Media center will be open Monday through Thursday from 8 – 12 for additional help and if internet access is not available at home. Mandatory meeting to take place before working from home is allowed. Mandatory meeting to take place before working from home is allowed (report to Media center between 8-12 by June 2nd).

Students may take one elective as a first time course, but all other courses must have been attempted and failed prior to taking online. Maximum 2 credits allowed. Only CCHS students are permitted to enroll. All EOC subjects will take an EOC as a final test. EOC testing will take place on July 11th, July 12th and July 13th. If you are in an EOC subject, you must be present those days. All course work must be finished by July 15th for credit to be issue before school begins. 

Summer 2016 Course Extension Registration Form (EOC Courses)

Dates: May 31st– June 24th

The Course Extension Program offers a student who failed an academic (EOC) subject 2nd Semester with a grade of 60-69 an opportunity to add points to bring that grade to a maximum 70 as well at retake the EOC test that is required for graduation. Students must be present for tutoring sessions in order to receive credit. Classes will be from 8:30 am to 12 pm from May 31st to June 24th.


Course Extension Contract Summer 2016 NON EOC 040616.pdf

Summer 2016 Course Extension Registration Form (Non-EOC Courses)

Dates: May 31st– June 20th
Deadline to Registration for summer 2016 Course Extension is June 2nd

The Course Extension Program offers a student who failed an academic (NON EOC) core course 2nd Semester with a grade of 60-69 an opportunity to add points to bring that grade to a maximum 70. Students must be present a minimum of 40 hours to receive Course Extension credit. Media center hours for course extension will be from 8 – 12 Monday through Thursday. The course extension course must be completed by June 20th.

Course Extension Contract Summer 2016 NON EOC.pdf

Herff Jones Visits for 2015-2016 School Year

Purchase Your Yearbook!! (Dates Listed Here)

CCHS Information

Understanding Your PSAT Scores 2015

Parking Sticker Application 2015-2016

Petition for Diploma

Dual Credit Program (Move On When Ready)

Websites for Seniors!

Printable Version



http://wildcat.camden.k12.ga.us     (CCHS Website) Click on guidance, then Scholarship info on top of screen
http://www.gcic.peachnet.edu/     ID:Camdenchs, Password: gcis520 (Searches for colleges & technical schools, finncail aid, jobs)
http://www.tcsg.edu/     Technical Schools
http://www.gacollege411.org/     Careers, Colleges, Financial Aid
http://www.gsfc.org     About HOPE Scholarship/ Grant Info and other Financial Aid
http://www.collegeboard.com/     Info on PSAT/SAT, scholarships, Loans, that match our education level, talents and background
http://www.collegeview.com     Info on specific Colleges
http://www.finaid.org/     Info on Financial Aid process, Grants, Scholarships, Scholarship Searches and Loans
http://www.bls.gov/oco/home.htm     Occupational Outlook Handbook - info on Careers
http://studentaid.ed.gov     Federal Students Aid Info
http://www.fastweb.com/     Search for thousands of scholarshops based on personalized profile of your skills an ablities
http://www.pin.ed.gov/     To establish PIN# for FAFSA Info
http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/     Apply for FAFSA online
https://www.commonapp.org     Download Common Application
http://doe.k12.ga.us/     (Practice & Info for GA H.S. Graduations Test) scroll down to Research, Eval &Testing, Then click GHSGT
http://www.keirsey.com/     A personality test that will help you determine what kind of careers would be best for
http://umanitoba.ca/counselling/careers.html     (Info on occupations including "What can I do with a _______ Major?")
http://studyusa.com/     Helpful Info for international students wanting to study in the US
http://www.gocollege.com/     Searches for colleges based on location, type of institution, and academic interst
http://www.utexas.edu/world/univ/state/     List all colleges with links to each college's website
http://www.petersons.com/     College Searches (By state, major, tuition,etc.)
https://satonlinecourse.collegeboard.com/SR/loginAction.do     Practice for the SAT online' Login: 113285
http://www.finaid.org/     Guide to Financial aid
http://www.collegeandcareerready.org/     Maintained by ACT. Great site for college/tech school searches

FBLA Application

Georgia DOL Work Permit Information

Chromebook Paperwork

Camden County High School Advance Placement Grade Appeal Form

Work Based Learning Program Application

CCHS School Progress Letter FY15

Parents’ Guide to New Tests in Georgia

Requesting Transcripts for College in the State of Georgia


Colleges in state of Georgia only

1. Sign in to your gacollege411 account

2. Click on “college planning

3. Then click “Applications and Transcripts” (right below “College Planning”)

4.  Find the box that says: Request and Track Your Transcript

Click on the blue hyperlink

5. Select and click college  to which you wish your transcript be sent

You are finished!

**An email will be sent once your transcript is sent!

Early Graduation Requirements and Application (Deadline May 1)

Healthy Snacks for CCS & Guidelines for Food Being Brought to School

Free Parking for a Perfect SAT or ACT Score

Students will receive free parking anywhere on campus and a $2400 scholarship if they obtain a perfect score on the SAT or ACT.  See Dr. Tucker if you qualify.

Who Wants a PAW Card?

Criteria for receiving a PAW card
1)Students must pass ALL EOCTs
2) Students must have exemplary attendance (No tardies, No checkouts)
3) Students must have NO discipline referrals

Hope Scholarship Requirements for Rigor (Students Graduating on or After May 1, 2015)

New academic requirements are included in the HOPE legislation. These changes will impact students graduating from high school on or after May 1, 2015. In order to qualify for the HOPE Scholarship, students must meet the academic requirements outlined in the chart linked below.

Hope Rigor Requirements Chart

New Hope Requirements

Parents Check with Guidance Concerning Fees/Fines

Parents and students need to verify fee balances with the Guidance Department (729-7544) not all fees are indicated in PowerSchool.  Outstanding debt may prevent a student from participating in certain activities at CCHS.  That includes dances, Grad Bash, graduation and other events.

SAT/ACT Reimbursement Consideration

The school will reimburse students when they sign up to retake the SAT or ACT if they score 500+ on the SAT and 21+ on the ACT. A student may be reimbursed once per school year for each test.  You must provide all three of the following for reimbursement:
1)     Proof of payment
2)     Copy of registration ticket
3)     Copy of prior test scores  

Please see Dr. Tucker if you qualify.

Textbook Scholarhip Money!!! (Click image to go to website)

Obtain Feedback About Your ACT and SAT Scores
Chrome Book Information
CCHS News - Click story for a printable version
Congratulations Boys Golf Team!

Georgia Milestones Assessment Results Show Progress and Opportunity for Camden County Schools
CCHS Out Performs State on EOCT Pass Rates
CCHS Receives Outstanding Score from Georgia Department of Education
CCHS Named AP Honor School in Three Categories for 2015
CCHS is a Top Georgia School for Graduation Rates


CCHS Semi Formal/Formal Dress Code

Students: Do Not Use Weeping Willow Way as a Cut Through


Students will be permitted to leave school only under the following circumstances:

1. The student brings a parental request with the following information:

    A. date

    B. time of dismissal from class

    C. home phone number

    D. work phone number

    E. student and parent's name

    F. parental signature

2. The parent must come in to sign the student out if the student does not have a note. Parents can NOT call the school to check students out.

3. The parent must be contacted before any student will be allowed to leave campus.

4. The phone number given must match the directory information of the student in PowerSchool.

5. Anyone checking a student out will have to have a picture I.D.

6. Students will not be allowed to return to school unless they have a doctor's appointment, a court appearance, or an emergency approved by the principal.

7. Students should sign out at the attendance window. All students are to follow the proper check out procedure. Failure to do so will result in in-school.

8. Students will not be called up to check out after 3:00pm.

Students: You Are RESPONSIBLE for your Chromebook and Textbooks!

No Masks Allowed Per Kingsland Police Department

Consequences for Fighting

15 Tardies to School = Parking Privileges Suspended

Drug Screening Requirement for Students Participating in Competitive Interscholastic Activities

No Tolerance for Bullying

After School Bus Pass Procedure

10 Tardies to School = Saturday School

No Weapons on Campus Including Your Car

Outside Containers and Beverages Are Not Allowed On Campus

No Videoing or Picture Taking Allowed at School

Attention Students Who Drive

In accordance with Georgia Law concerning driver’s licenses, the DDS will suspend the license of any minor who has 10 or more unexcused absences from school.

Student Expectations - Click Image for a Printable Version
CCHS Mission

CCHS Mission Statement

All students will graduate from Camden County High School prepared for postsecondary success as productive citizens who are college or career ready.

Complete Vision, Purpose Statement and Beliefs


Dr. John Tucker, Principal

Dr. Steve Loden, 10-12 Building Deputy Principal

Pennie Davis, Ninth Grade Center Deputy Principal


Main Office 10-12 Building Phone: (912) 729-7318 / FAX: (912) 729-7627

Main Office Ninth Grade Center Phone: (912) 576-2900 / FAX: (912) 576-4906


Camden County High School and the Camden County School System are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Camden County High School is a member of the Georgia High Schools That Work Program.