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How to Request a Transcript (Current Students)

Students may request a transcript be sent to a college OR request a copy of their transcript by entering the request on the “Transcript Request Log” located in the CCHS guidance office. There is no fee for current students and transcripts can be picked up on Fridays once request has been entered.


A transcript can be requested through GaFutures(For Georgia Colleges ONLY)

  • Log onto the website at:
  • Log into your account. If you do not have an account you will need to create one.
  • Once logged in, click on “My Transcript”.
  • Select the College from the pulldown menu where you want your transcript sent.
  • Enter your Social Security number.
  • Enter your Date of Birth (DOB).
  • Select your high school.
  • Select graduation year.
  • Click the “acknowledgement” box.
  • Click “View”.
  • Click “Send”.

How to Request a Transcript (Former Students)

A student may request a transcript through the Guidance Department at any time during the school year. At the end of the year, the Guidance Office will mail one final transcript to a college requested by each student. All transcripts, in addition to the final one, can be requested after graduation and will be $2 each. A form for requesting academic transcripts is available on the high school website under the Guidance tab. Students may also submit the transcript request form along with a stamped envelope(s) addressed to a college(s) and it will be processed with no fee.

Click here to go to the transcript request form which you can print out and mail to the high school.

Advisement Program

The Camden County High Advisement program is designed to provide each student the opportunity to have teachers and counselors explain the different school programs and graduation plans. This program is designed to be an on-going process throughout the student's high school career. Counselors will also work with the parents to explain what the student might expect from various programs and how these programs will enable the student to reach his/her career goals.

During the advisement process, each student will be furnished a Career Planning and Course Selection Guide. This guide includes explanations of the different diploma plans and graduation requirements leading to each type of diploma. This guide also includes an outline of the various programs of study and course descriptions. The guidance staff utilizes individual counseling, group sessions, and classroom guidance to carry out the advisement program. All students have access to both the guidance department and administrative staff for additional assistance when examining and selecting courses of study. In addition, homeroom teachers serve as advisers and resource persons for their assigned homerooms. As part of the advisement program, counselors confer with teachers concerning achievement of students and best placement leading to timely graduation. Recommendations for changes in student schedules are made to students and parents in an effort to determine the most appropriate level of instruction for future success.

Grading Scale

The following grade system has been adopted by the Camden County Board of Education to be used at Camden County High School:

90 - 100


80 - 89


70 - 79


Below 70

F (Failing)

Report cards are distributed at the end of each semester as indicated on the school calendar. Progress reports will be sent home for all students periodically as indicated on the school calendar. The progress reports are sent home with the student. They should be signed by a parent and returned to the teacher. Parents are encouraged to request a parent/teacher conference upon receiving a progress report indicating problems in a particular class.

Graduation Participation

To receive a high school diploma and to participate in the graduation ceremony a senior MUST have fulfilled the following requirements before the graduation date:

  1. earn the Camden County and state required Carnigie units for your graduating class and

  2. pass the Georgia High School Graduation Writing Test




Homeroom/Grade Level Placement

Students must have earned a minimum number of credits to be eligible to be in certain grade-level homerooms. See the current Course Selection Guide for the number of credits needed to be a senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman.

Honor Code

Camden County High School recognizes the essential value of honesty in the school, work place and personal life of citizens. In that light, we are implementing the following Honor Code for the students at CCHS.

  1. Every student shall be honor bound to refrain from cheating, including plagiarism, copying other students' work, and allowing other students access to personal work, unless allowed by teacher guidelines.

  2. Every student shall be honor bound not to lie to school personnel.

  3. Every student shall be honor bound to refrain from theft or willful destruction of property belonging to the school, faculty, staff, or other students.

  4. Every student shall be honor bound to report immediately all violations of the Honor Code which come under his/her observation. Failure to do so shall be in violation of the Honor Code.

  5. Every student shall pledge all graded assignments: "I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance in the completion of this assignment, nor am I aware of others who have done so."

  6. Every student found guilty of a violation of the Honor Code shall be subject to school disciplinary action.

Honor Graduates

The award of Valedictorian and Salutatorian are granted for the first and second highest GPA’s in the Senior Class. To be eligible for these awards, candidates must have been enrolled at Camden County High School for the complete fall and spring semester of their senior year.

Candidates for valedictorian and salutatorian must have earned a minimum of six Carnegie units (including 2 foreign languages courses in the same language) from Honors, Gifted and Advanced Placement or Post-Secondary Options courses of which no more than three units may be obtained from Post- Secondary Options. More than 50% of the candidate’s senior classes must be taken on the campus of Camden County High School.

Academic Honor Graduate

To graduate with academic honors from Camden County High School, a student must earn at least two world language credits in the same language and have a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) for all courses attempted of at least 4.0 on a 5.0 scale. Candidates for academic honors must have earned a minimum of six Carnegie units from Honors, Gifted, Advanced Placement or Post- Secondary Options college level courses of which no more than three units may be obtained from Post-Secondary Options. Junior Marshals must meet these same requirements.

Honor Graduates

Honor graduates must have a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 on a 5.0 scale.

Grade Point Averages and Class Rankings:

Class rank is determined by the cumulative GPA of all classes taken during high school. Honor Grad grades are calculated on the last day designated for seniors at the end of the year. Junior Marshals will be calculated at an earlier date.

Honor Roll

Camden County High School will publish two Honor Rolls at the end of each grading period. An all "A" Honor Roll will include the names of all students who maintain at least a 90 average in each class. An "A-B" Honor Roll will include the names of all students who maintain at least an 80 average in each class.

Hospital/Homebound Program

Students who have medical problems that prohibit them from attending school for an extended period of time may be eligible for the services of the hospital/homebound program. Under this program, the school will provide a teacher to secure assignments/materials from the student's classroom teachers and to visit the student in his/her home to provide individual instruction while the student is incapacitated. While a student is being served under this program, he/she will be counted present in all of his/her classes.

The basic requirements for eligibility in the program include:

  1. Student must have a certified doctor's statement on the prescribed application, indicating said student will be unable to attend school for at least ten (10) school days.

  2. Student's illness must not be communicable.

  3. The Hospital/Homebound does not serve emotional illness.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Guidance Department for additional information or an application for this program.

Continuous Grading Policy

1. Due to the implementation of mastery learning techniques and benchmark exams, the need for a comprehensive mid-term assessment in most classes has become obsolete or redundant.

2. The administration of a comprehensive mid-term assessment will be optional.

3. A comprehensive mid-term assessment will only be administered if all teachers in a subject area agree that one is necessary.

4. If a comprehensive mid-term assessment is administered, the following will apply:

a. All teachers in the same course will give the same mid-term assessment at the same time.

b. The mid-term assessment will be administered at a naturally occurring mid point in instruction.

c. The assessment will be weighted at no more than 10% of the term grade.

d. The assessment must include a writing component that is weighted a minimum of 10% of the assessment grade.

5. The principle or his/her designee(s) will supervise and approve the administration of the assessments.

Students must be present for semester exams as scheduled unless prior approval has been obtained from the Principal.

Social Work Services

School Social Work Services are available to all Camden County students and their families. Occasionally students may experience academic, behavioral, or other difficulties in school that are related to personal or family problems, problems that may negatively affect a student's ability to attend school and/or to receive the utmost benefit from school. These problems may be related to issues involving divorce, death, drugs/alcohol, pregnancy, poor peer relationships, truancy, health, financial difficulties, emotional/behavioral problems, etc. The role of the school social worker is to provide assistance in helping families and students receive the support they need to more effectively manage or alleviate these problems. School social workers work closely with school personnel and outside agencies and resources to accomplish this goal.

School personnel familiar with the student generally make referrals to the social worker when there is the need for additional support to bridge the channels between home and school and community resources. However, parents and students may also contact the school social worker for assistance as needed.

The Camden County School Social Work Office is located at the Board of Education Office. (912) 729-5687