Chromebook Information

Chromebook Information

All students at Camden County High School are issued a Chromebook for school related use during the school year. As part of our 1:1 Device Initiative, students are able to use their Chromebooks both in school and at home as directed by their teachers. 

The device and accessories issued to students are, and will remain, the property of Camden County Schools.

The device is on loan to students and must be used in accordance with the guidelines outlined below:
-The student’s parent/guardian must sign and return the Device Acceptable Use Guidelines.
-Students, parents/guardians should keep logins and passwords private as use by others creates a security risk to files and the network. If students forget or need to change a password, they should consult with their teacher or media specialist.
-Parents /guardians are encouraged to have their student show them the work they are doing on the device, as well as communications from teachers and other students.


All students being issued a Chromebook must have a copy of the Device Acceptable Use Guidelines signed by both the student and their parent/guardian on file with the Media Center. This agreement must be signed every year that a student is being issued the Chromebook. Students or parents may pick up the student's Chromebook before the school year begins per the schedule that will be posted in the summer prior to the start of the school year. 


ALL damage incidents will be investigated by an administrator.

If the device is damaged, lost or stolen, parents are responsible for the reasonable cost of repair or the fair market value at the time loss.

Fair Market Value

New                                    $  230.60
End of Semester 1                $  195.00
End of Semester 2                $  160.00
End of Semester 3                $  125.00
End of Semester 4                $    90.00
End of Semester 5                $    55.00
End of Semester 6                $    20.00

Other Possible Charges:

Replace Charger - $25
Replace Screen - $30
Replace Keyboard - $50
Replace Case - $23.50
Motherboard or other major damage would be the same cost as complete replacement.

Parents, guardians, and students should have no expectation of privacy while using the device either on or off the district’s network.

The District has the right to randomly inspect any device, application, or peripheral device on a regular basis. This includes, but is not limited to, browser history, email, media that has been accessed, downloaded or created, documents, pictures, and all files. The District has the right to review these items for appropriateness and to limit or revoke a student’s access to them.

Students should never “swap” or “share” their device with another student, friend, or sibling.

Students should bring the device to school fully charged each day.
Use of the device for anything other than teacher-directed or approved activity is prohibited during instructional time (school day). This includes, but is not limited to, internet or computer games and other entertainment activities, email, instant messaging, chat, and use of the internet for anything other than school-related research.

Obscene, or vulgar images, sounds, music, language or materials, including screen savers, backgrounds, and or pictures are prohibited. The District Internet Acceptable Use Policy will be followed.

Copyright laws must be followed at all times.

Students are not allowed to download or install any software or other materials.

Devices are not to be used to make sound recordings without the consent of all persons being recorded.
Sound on the device must be turned off at all times except when being used as part of the class.

Use of personal headphones to listen to music is allowed with express permission of the classroom teacher.

The school or district will assume no liability for personal items of this nature being lost, damaged, or stolen.
Devices are not to be used to take pictures without the consent of all persons being photographed.

Cameras are to be turned off at all times except when being used as part of a class.

Students will not use the device for illegal purposes. Students will not deliberately use the device to personally attack, annoy, harass, or bully others. Any such activities will be reported to the appropriate local, state, or federal authorities.

Students may save files locally on the device but should copy them to their cloud storage as a backup in case of drive failure. All data stored in district created accounts, either locally or in the cloud, will be deleted when the student graduates or is otherwise no longer enrolled in CCS.
Appropriate and responsible use is expected of all users. Violation of any policies or procedures outlined in the Internet Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) or the Device Acceptable Use Guidelines will be subject to the appropriate disciplinary action as outlined in the AUP’s.


• During the school day, students must have the device with them or stored in a secure location. Devices must never be left unattended. Unattended devices will be seized by school personnel and delivered to the administration.

• It is the responsibility of the student to charge their device for the school day.

• It is the responsibility of the students to bring their devices to school every day.

• Never walk with the device lid open. This puts stress on the device and the screen.

• Chromebook should always remain in protective case provided.

• Students should not use their device while walking or being transported. Devices should be used on a flat, stable surface. Devices should not be taken on school sponsored activity trips unless expressly needed for the activity.

• Devices should be protected from extreme heat or cold. Devices should never be left in a vehicle even if it is locked.

• Devices should be protected from the weather, water, liquids, and pets. Eating or drinking near the devices is strictly forbidden. Devices cannot be used during meal times.

• The display screen is the most sensitive part of the device. Heavy objects should never be placed on or stacked on top of the device. This includes books, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc. Do not place or leave the unit on the floor or any area where someone may sit or step.

• Students may not deface the device or sleeve in any way with stickers, tape, whiteout, markers, pens, engravings or any other items or marks.

• The device should only be cleaned with a soft dry cloth. Never use sprays of any kind.

• Consequences for not complying with the use and care guidelines will result in the suspension of or loss of device privileges as determined by an administrator.

 In addition, all other appropriate consequences as outlined in the Student Handbook may be applied.