Welton Coffey

Welton Coffey
Athletic Director
Please take a moment to read the guidelines from the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) regarding measures being taken by Camden County High School and schools across the state to ensure every precaution and prevention measure is taken as we reopen athletic conditioning on a limited basis at CCHS. 

Georgia High School Association Letter

Athletic Office Hours are Monday - Friday 
7 AM-4 PM
Phone Number: 912-729-7042

The Camden County Schools Athletic Offices are located in the Camden County High School Ninth Grade Center at 6300 Laurel Island Parkway. 

Reserve seat tickets for Varsity Football games are available at the Athletic Office. All other tickets may be purchased at the event. 

Please Note:

*Student-Athletes may pick up a Physicals form from Athletic Office and return the completed form back to the Athletic Office. 

*Please make sure that all signatures of consent, insurance information and physical examination areas are completed accurately. 

* No photography, video, or audio recording are permitted anywhere on these premises without the express permission of Camden County Athletics:

GHSA 2020-21 Constitution and Bylaws 


2.81 The host or home school has the right to determine whether or not its regular-season activities may be broadcast, televised, webcast, taped, filmed or photographed for any “commercial” or scouting purposes. 

(a) Either school involved in the event shall have the right to video tape the event and to copy said tape, but no third party shall have that right, not even the videographer. 

(b) A visiting school desiring to bring broadcasting personnel must obtain permission to do so from the host school prior to the date of the activity or contest. 

(c) The host school must execute a written contract with the broadcast entity that complies with the GHSA rules and regulations for broadcasting. 

2.82 The region has the right to determine whether or not region tournament (post regular-season) events may be broadcast, televised, webcast, tape recorded, filmed or photographed for any “commercial” purposes.

(a) The region should set and assess any fees charged for broadcasting or telecasting region tournament contests or events. 

(b) The region must execute a written contract with the broadcast entity that complies with the GHSA rules and regulations for broadcasting.

Thank you and Go Cats!


Big Congratulations to Camden County Athletic Program for being the 2021-22 recipients of the GHSA Cooperative Spirt Sportsmanship Award sponsored by Georgia EMCs. Thank you to Mr. Royce Proctor, Okefenoke REMC and the GHSA for recognizing Camden County High School Athletics! Go Cats!!!

Check out the link below: 

GHSA Cooperative Spirt Sportsmanship Award



'22 All Region 1 7A

'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A

'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A
'22 All Region 1 7A

COACH OF THE YEAR                                     Sean Calhoun - Colquitt

REGION PLAYER OF THE YEAR                       Neko Fann - Colquitt

OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR               Charlie Pace - Colquitt

CO-DEFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR     Eric Brantley - Valdosta & Omar White - Valdosta

CO-SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYERS OF THE YEAR        Carson Page - Lowndes & Brett Fitzgerald - Colquitt

ATHLETE OF THE YEAR                                   Jake Lindsey - Camden

UTILITY PLAYER OF THE YEAR                     Jack Luttrell - Colquitt


1st Team Offense                                                      2nd Team Offense

QB: Ty Goldrick - Richmond Hill                        Marvis Parrish - Lowndes

RB: Ahmad Denson -Valdosta                               Quan Floyd - Camden

RB: Jaden Dailey - Camden                          Charles Williams Jr. - Valdosta

RB: Zion Gillard - Richmond Hill                    Jacarre’ Fleming - Lowndes

TE: Landen Thomas - Colquitt                        Cameron Chandler - Camden

OL: Demauree Bennett - Valdosta                 Jeremiah Alexander - Valdosta

OL: Jalen Burgess - Valdosta                           Jay'Den Williams - Colquitt

OL: Ja’Quavian Daniels - Colquitt                    Ja'Nas Daniels - Colquitt

OL: Keshaun Palmore - Colquitt                   Kenneth Newsome - Lowndes

OL: D.J. Jones - Lowndes                              Landen Hurst- Richmond Hill

OL: Gavin Wright - Camden                           Cayden Thompson - Camden

OL: Thomas Zimbalatti - Richmond Hill             Zachary Owens - Camden

WR: Jaylen Whitehead - Valdosta                        Jaylin Carter - Lowndes

WR: Ny Carr - Colquitt                                     Nick Bliss - Richmond Hill

WR: Kevis Thomas - Lowndes                             Zay Williams - Colquitt

WR: Ravon Grant - Richmond Hill                      Landon Griffin - Colquitt

WR: Saige Roche - Camden                                Antonio Woods - Lowndes

P:    Grayson Leavy - Valdosta

K:    Blake Williams - Richmond Hill                       Gabe Caison - Camden


Honorable Mention Offense

QB: Mason Robinson - Camden; Todd Robinson -Valdosta

RB: Deonte Cole - Camden; Jordan Gatlin - Valdosta; Aalim Brown - Lowndes

TE: Grant Laskey - Lowndes; Kyree Fuller - Lowndes; Colton Sanchez -  Richmond Hill; Andrew Matthews - Richmond Hill

OL: Tazio Rosso - Camden; Caden Copeland - Camden; Paz Francisco - Lowndes; Cole Holmes - Colquitt; Brody Miller - Richmond Hill; Cam´ron Jackson - Richmond Hill

WR: Markese Wilson - Colquitt; Mason Wilcox - Richmond Hill

K: Ethan Ramirez - Colquitt

LS: Wyatt Rubinoff - Camden; Weston Edwards - Lowndes; Will Tapscott - Colquitt

1st Team Defense                                                         2nd Team Defense

DL: T.J. Morrison - Valdosta                                Vernon Wright - Lowndes

DL: Tyshon Reed, Jr. - Colquitt                           Khristian Dallas - Camden

DL: Amari Wilson - Colquitt                                  Julian Harper - Colquitt

DL: Dylan Higginbotham - Camden                        Dayli Simms - Valdosta

DL: DeNigel Cooper - Camden               Dontae Goodner -  Richmond Hill

DL: Jayden Battle - Lowndes                                              


ILB: Amari Tomblin - Valdosta                       Nehemiah Dennis - Valdosta

ILB: Kamal Bonner - Colquitt                          Copper Thornhill - Camden

ILB: Nick Pace - Colquitt                         Gabriel Bauman - Richmond Hill

ILB: Coleman Lewis - Lowndes                  


OLB: Jaylen Bentley - Valdosta                            Daveon Hunt - Colquitt   

OLB: Qway McCoy - Colquitt                             Ian Pederson - Camden    

OLB: Jarius Curry - Valdosta                                             

OLB: Mekhi Crawford - Lowndes


CB: Tim Roberson -Valdosta                    Caleb Easterling - Richmond Hill

CB: Carlos Moore - Colquitt                          De’Andre Boykins - Valdosta

CB: C.J. Brown - Lowndes                           Rahiem McBride Jr. - Colquitt

CB: Brandon McDonald - Richmond Hill       Xavier Holzendorf - Camden

CB: Tyre Young - Camden


S: Ja'Marley Riddle - Camden                               Jabari Baker - Valdosta

S: Charlie Porter - Valdosta                                  Ja'khai Blair -  Lowndes

S: Lyric Thomas - Colquitt                               Shamarion Gibbs - Camden


Honorable Mention Defense

DL: Malacki Mowan - Camden; Brian Ruland - Richmond Hill

LB: Jar’Dae Williams - Colquitt; Lee Johnson - Richmond Hill

DB: Ronnie Davis - Lowndes; Myleek Gould - Richmond Hill; Khalil Mollay - Valdosta; Marlon Evans - Lowndes; Jah’Boris Fuller - Colquitt


Est. 12/6/2022


Athletic Department Mission Statement

Camden County Athletic Department is committed to providing student‐ athletes with quality instruction within the classroom and on the various playing surfaces. 

Camden County Athletic Department believes that education and athletics work hand‐in‐hand in the total development of the student‐ athlete.

Camden County Athletic Department’s desire is that all sports will promote fair play, sportsmanship, respect, integrity, good work ethic and teamwork. 


One of the main priorities of the athletic department is to support the academic progress of our athletes. We must have a system in place to support student in season and out of season. We need to create a unified approach among all sports to academically monitor student athletes for academic progress and to set minimum standards within the athletic department so all student athletes will be treated the same from sport to sport. 


 ‐ To create a minimum academic standard among all student athletes.
 ‐ To improve academic performance among student athletes.
 ‐ To emphasize the importance of student 1st and athlete 2nd.
 ‐ To set standards in line with NCAA new 2.3 rule so student athletes are better prepared for college.
 ‐ To provide a cohesive approach to academic monitoring.