Vision, Purpose, Beliefs

CCHS Vision

All students will graduate from Camden County High School prepared for post-secondary success as productive citizens who are college or career ready. 

 CCHS Purpose

We will create collaborative, accountable relationships with all stakeholders and provide meaningful, rigorous academic and career studies to guide and support all students in achieving their potential. 

CCHS Beliefs

a. All students can learn, achieve, progress and succeed. 
b. High academic expectations promote academic excellence. 
c. Technology empowers 21st century learners. 
d. Students, parents, teachers, and the community share responsibility for supporting the mission, safety and comfort of the school environment. 
e. Community stakeholders are accountable and recognize that choices impact individual and collective performance. 
f. Student individuality, learning styles, interests, and abilities require diverse comprehensive programs. 
g. The strength of our diverse learning community depends on our ability and commitment to move forward together.