Career Academy FAQ's

General Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions are here for you to get easy answers to your questions. Our Guidance Department is always available to answer more specific questions about our Career Academies. They are available by calling 912-729-7544.

What happens when a student doesn't have any interest in these specialized areas?

A student will still be assigned or placed in an academy based on their past elective choices.

Is a general 4-year college prep course being offered?

College preparatory courses will be offered in each academy.

How will a student’s aptitude for a particular course of study be determined?

Students have participated in surveys, discussions and inventories to help them judge their primary areas of interest and educational preference. They will continue to participate in activities to refine their choice. The final decision will be made with their parents/guardians during registration for each academy.

What if I change my mind about my career choice?

A student may change Career Academies once they have made their choice. However, those changes may be restricted to the beginning of a semester or a school year.

How quickly can a student change academies if their interests change?

A student would be able to transfer between Career Academies either at the beginning of a school year or between semesters within a school year.

What about the student who does not have the initiative to enroll in one of the Academies on their own? How will we recruit them - or will we make an intentional effort to do so?

Students will be enrolled in Academies as part of their registration for classes. They will be given several opportunities to complete interest inventories that will help them choose an academy experience that suits their preferences and interests prior to making their choice.

Will the credit be the same as currently set for high school?

Currently Camden County requires a student to earn 28 credits for graduation. That is unlikely to change. Even though the state Board of Education has recently approved a set of diploma rule changes, those changes will only affect how our identification of our diplomas.

If a student wants to be a chemist, in which academy would s/he enroll?

The student would enroll in either the Engineering or Health/Environmental Science Academy depending on their interests beyond chemistry and on the particular aspect of chemistry in which one was interested.

Will the academy choices and the offerings be placed online for parents to research? If so, when?

Yes, they are available online under Quick Links on the homepage.

The success of this program could ultimately depend on partnerships with employers, community and higher education. How can we make sure from year to year that the community efforts continue?

Camden County Schools’ partnerships with community institutions have been sustained for many years. The high school is an active partner with our Chamber of Commerce, Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base and local businesses in their efforts to create and support economic growth through jobs, quality development, and a work ready employee force.