Mr. Chris Cottrell, Geology Super Sleuth

Mr. Chris Cottrell, Geology Super Sleuth

Mr. Chris Cottrell, CCHS Science Teacher and Geology Super Sleuth.

Mr. Cottrell has a passion for Geoscience and a particular interest in researching and investigating the possibility that the Earth was involved in a fragmented comet impact at the end of our most recent ice age. Not satisfied with just reading about his interest, Mr. Cottrell has joined fellow scientists in the field to uncover this mystery.

As part of a group of geological scientists from all over the world, Mr. Cottrell worked with the Comet Research Group doing field work in the Carolina Bay formation. Just this past weekend, Mr. Cottrell helped excavate the area and collect geological samples for research.

This fall, CCHS students in Mr. Cottrell's class will have the opportunity to analyze these samples for evidence of the comet's impact. Our students work in the lab may be vitally important in helping to solve this centuries old geological mystery. Students may even be recognized for their contributions to this discovery in academic papers written about this ground breaking work.

Because he is working to bridge the gap between the classroom and real-life scientific discovery, Mr. Cottrell truly is a Terrific Teacher!