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Career Technical

The Career Technical Department offers a plethora of career specialized instruction to prepare students to immediately enter the workforce or attend a technical college after graduation. Core content includes: Agricultural Technology, Healthcare Science, Business Technology, Information Technology and Technology Education, Career Preparation, Protective Services, Intervention Skills, Automotives, Metals, Construction, Education Preparation, and Family and Consumer Sciences.

Fine Arts

The arts have been proven in numerous studies to increase  academic performance and scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. CCHS embraces the arts by offering courses in band, chorus, drama, and visual arts. The Fine Arts Department also  sponsors many extra curricular activities including the CCHS Marching Band, CCHS Main Stage Theatre season, the Art Club, and literary teams.

Foreign Language

CCHS recognizes the increasing need for students to be fluent in other languages to be productive in the workplace by offering Spanish, French, and German courses. The Foreign Language Instructors are all native speakers or have spent time studying their language abroad. All students enrolled in the College Preparatory Diploma must take at least two semester credits of one language. Courses offered include: Spanish I-IV, AP Spanish, French I-IV, AP French, and German I-II.

Language Arts

Journey with Odysseus or battle Beowulf's Grendel in the Language Arts Department of CCHS. Our courses engage the beginning and avid reader alike with a wide variety of subject areas. All Freshmen are required to take Ninth Grade Literature and Composition, a blend of World Literature and grammar instruction. Sophomores are required to take Tenth Grade Literature and Composition focusing on literary themes and styles of writing. American Literature is required for all Juniors, and British Literature is required for Seniors. All language arts classes are offered at Career Tech, College Prep, and Honors/Gifted levels.

In addition to the required courses, the Language Arts Department offers Creative Writing, Journalism, Writer's Workshop/Newspaper, and AP courses. AP Language and AP Literature courses are available to juniors and seniors who desire a college level look int


The current math offerings include: Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Advanced Algebra, PreCalculus, Advanced Mathematical Decision Making, AP Calculus (AB and BC) and AP Statistics.  Honors level courses include Gifted and Honors level Coordinate Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Advanced Algebra and PreCalculus.  Mathematics of Finance is also offered for seniors who do not plan to attend a 4-year college program.  Foundations of Algebra  is offered for selected 9th grade students with significant gaps in their mathematical knowledge to prepare them to begin the high school mathematics sequence. 

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Class of 2012 and beyond

Science is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. Students are required to take Physical Science or Physics and Biology. Students are required to take Chemistry, Environmental Science, or Earth Systems. After completing the required sciences, students may enroll in specialized courses including Astronomy, Meteorology, Genetics, and Oceanography. Advanced Placement science courses offered are AP Environmental Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. All students must have four semester credits of science to

Social Studies

Building productive citizens is a cornerstone of the CCHS curriculum. Students must take World History, Civics, U.S. History, and Economics in order to graduate. In addition to the require courses, CCHS offers World Geography, Comparative Religions, Camden Local History, Psychology, Justice and Law, Sociology, and Current Issues for students who desire additional enrichment in Social Studies. AP Courses are available for World History and U.S. History.More

Special Education

Camden County High School works to insure that all of its students are prepared for life after high school. The Special Education Department assists students with special needs by equipping them with skills for life. Contact Ms. Sarah Kessinger Special Education Consultants for more information.

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